Easy Steps to Ease Into a Detox

It is halfway through summer and I am feeling sluggish from too many days at the pool, weekend BBQ’s, and outings on the Boardwalk eating less than stellar. Are you feeling the same way? If you are feeling like me and need a break to get rid of the bloating and start feeling more like yourself, then read on to learn how to ease into a detox without any issues. A quick detox is a great way to get back to normal and tackle the rest of the summer.

Just like anything important, detoxing requires motivation in order to achieve your optimal goals. Make sure that your desire to achieve your goal and your motivation to cleanse are inline.

Once you have decided to start your cleanse, follow these easy steps in order to overcome any challenges you might face:

1. Does a 3-7 day cleanse fit into your schedule at this time? Make sure you don’t have any major events, holidays or parties coming up. This will ensure that your detox does not overlap with a family gathering or event.

2. In order to accomplish your goal, it is important to have a clear set of guidelines to follow in order for you to remain focused and determined to cleanse your body with ease.

3. Recruit friends or family to detox with! It will give you the support you need to stay motivated.

4. Buy all groceries and household items you may need to prepare for the detox a few days before you start your cleanse. Meal prep and make cultured foods ahead of time.

5. Be sure to include vegetables and fruits that you enjoy eating. Make your taste buds happy to keep your spirits high!

6. Take time off from doing strenuous exercise during your detox. It is a time to rest and cleanse your body, mind, and spirit.

7. Make sure to you keep a daily journal to jot down how you feel both physically and mentally. This will help you stay motivated during the detox and you may start to realize the physical and psychological connection between the foods you eat.

Remember that your body is cyclical and cleansing should be a normal part of your life. Make time to relax and detox once or twice per year to allow for restoration and regeneration to happen inside your body.

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Relax, take your time and enjoy!

To your health,